Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My First Testimonial

Hey Guys, I wanted to share with you this lovely testimonial I received from one of my case study clients. This is an area I am going to specialise in so the feedback is lovely to hear :)

Rhiannon has a very demanding job role and it was infringing on her personal life.  I helped Rhiannon to set personal goals and implement changes and ways of working in her job role to seperate the two and find a happy life balance.

Please read what she had to say...........

Testimonial for Lucy life coaching – Rhiannon

I have a very hectic and demanding role in my job as a Regional Manager. With Lucy’s advice, I have created much more “life – work” balance in my life. I am very grateful for the advice Lucy has given me. By making some small changes, these have led onto bigger changes. By setting clear goals,  creating an action plan and then supporting me and encouraging me along the path, I have achieved much more than I anticipated.

Lucy has a very pragmatic, positive and proactive approach to encouraging positive change. I liked the way that she is very kind, but also has a keen eye for focus on any issues. I would describe Lucy as having a “holisitic” approach, she works closely with all aspects of life, in order to create clear goals for the future.

I thoroughly recommend Lucy Lifecoaching -  as she has a gift for inspiring others!

I am still looking for case study clients as I need all the experience I can get to give me the confidence when opening up my coaching practice. By being a case study for me you will receive coaching free of charge, all I ask for in return if you think I have helped you is a Testimonial so I can build up crediabilty and a good reputation when I start charging for my services.

I have detailed below the niche's I am going to specialise in.

Small Business Coaching - Aimed at small businesses to
  • Help business owners set up good systems and working practices, from start up to established.
  • Work with Business Owners on their Self Esteem so they can drive their Business forward.
  • Work with business owners who are on the hamster wheel to come off and start taking control.
  • Help business owners set personal goals and achieve a better work life balance.
Workplace Coaching - Aimed at Business Owners and Employer's
  • Working with Business Owners, Manager's and un motivated Staff to coach and find ways so Staff work for your Business like it's there Business and help move your company forward.
  • Coaching Stressed Managers and Employee's in demanding job roles
Coaching the Client for their Career
Aimed at Everyone who wants help with their Career
  • Finding out if you are in the right Job
  • Help maintain a healthy work life balance
  • Job Coaching - Help find the Job for you.
  • Threat of Redundancy - Help find alternative employment and build your confidence back up
Please contact me if you or you know anybody who would like any help in these areas and would like to be my casestudy. My email is or phone 07788 988018

Thank you for reading and giving me your feedback, it is helping me so much to follow my dream of opening a Business/Career Coaching Practice :0)

Next Blog to follow shortly.... Lucy xx

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