Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A quick guide on how to motivate yourself to achieve the things you want too....

Finding the motivation to do things takes alot of strength within us. When we set goals and never achieve them we feel so bad and guilty. As a nation we are guilty of making excuses to make us feel better for reasons why our goals in life are not met. Below I have put together 10 things to help you when setting goals to enable you to keep motivated and achieve them...
  1. Firstly YOU have to take ownership of YOUR GOAL.
  2. DO NOT set goals you cannot do or if something will stop you from achieving them. If there are barriers, can you overcome them?
  3. Ask yourself how IMPORTANT the Goal is to you and what it MEANS to YOU.
  4. Have NO EXCUSES (only valid reasons) why they were not achieved.
  5. Plan YOUR GOALS in your week/month and stick to them e.g Every Tuesday Evening Gym Class/Once a month (book it in) see Friends.
  6. Remind yourself how you would feel if you never achieved YOUR GOALS.
  7. Imagine how you would feel if you achieved YOUR GOALS. Visualise yourself doing YOUR GOAL, how does it make you feel? Good I guess :)
  8. Tell people, they are bound to ask you how you are getting on. Just think how great you will feel telling them how well you are doing!
  9. Keep a record every day on what you have achieved, it seems more real when written down.
  10. When you have achieved something give yourself a treat e.g housework = nice bubbly bath. Makes you feel good knowing you deserved it, even though achieving YOUR GOALS should make you feel good anyway so this is a BONUS!
Food for thought..... Why set yourself goals you are never going to achieve? Set yourself goals that you know YOU CAN ACHIEVE! :)

I hope this guide helps you, it certainly helped me to achieve my goals. I now make no excuses for not achieving things, I take full responsibilty. Realising how important my dream of becoming a life coach was and visualising my new life in this role was so powerful. I compiled a weekly planner and stuck it up on my kitchen wall of all the things I had chosen to do. My partner has one too! This works, things seem so much easier to achieve when its written down and planned.

Remember YOU never have to, need to, must do..... YOU CHOOSE TOO!

Thank you for reading, next one to follow shortly. Lucy xxx :)

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